Jen Wieczner
Jen has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, SmartMoney, Marie Claire, New York magazine, Fast Company, Edible Manhattan and Boston magazine. Lately she has written about how Google and Facebook have blacklisted adultery websites, how to use your cellphone to bargain hunt [PDF], sexy vegetables at Sotheby's, an M.I.A. party with a twist, vending machines that dispense makeup [PDF], eyelashes for your car [PDF] and the most stylish bus on the road, the Hampton Jitney [PDF].

She has also written guides to finding jobs online [PDF], juicing for your health, giving to good causes [PDF], traveling during the holidays [PDF], dining in New England [PDF] and making yourself happier.

At Northwestern University, Jen became known for her award-winning profiles of interesting characters, such as a uniquely talented librarian [PDF] and a controversial Dean of Students [PDF] who resigned soon after Jen's story was published.

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