Jen Wieczner
Jen is a writer based in New York City, although on weekends you will often find her upstate, in California, on Cape Cod, in Chicago, at home in Boston, or somewhere close to the beach. She is easily fascinated (and distracted), a compulsive (and master) traveler, a daily yogi (and sometimes teacher), and bad at saying (and hearing) “no," all of which leads her to great stories. She often writes about business but you wouldn’t think of her articles as “business” stories; rather, they are about people and their successes, with a side of quirk and style. Jen loves green juice, good deals, talking to strangers, impromptu getaways, music you can dance to, and of course, her friends and family. She has green eyes and if you look closely enough, you will see the big brown freckle in her left one. She gets her entrepreneurial attitude from her dad and her fear of heights from her mom. Jen grew up in Newton, Massachusetts where she wrote for her high school newspaper The Lion's Roar (famous editors emeriti include B.J. Novak of The Office). She went to college at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where she studied journalism and founded a new magazine called The Weekly. She dreams of turning her stories into books. No one calls her Jennifer.
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